10 Reason Why Plants Are Important


Plants are important to meet a country’s basic needs. These basic needs can be in any form such as food, garments, shelter and health maintenance, etc. Due to the rapid increase in population, the demand for these items is increasing rapidly.
They clean the air that humans and animals use to breathe. They eliminate environmental pollution. They are used in every sector in one form or another whether it is medical, architecture, health so on…

1. Usage in the medical sector

In Pakistan, many medicines are made from it. The existing Pansai system in Pakistan makes use of the plants for making medicines. The collection and sale of materials used in herbal medicines is a source of additional income for many people.

2. Use of wild plants

Many people in Pakistan depend on medicinal plants to find treatment for their minor, even in some cases major diseases. Some wild plants are now being commonly used e.g. Ephedra, Artemisia, St. John’s wort, etc. Pakistan exports many plants which include: Acacia nautical, Acorus calamus, Allium Satuvum, Viola Serpens L, etc.

3. Treatment of Inflammatory disorders

People in Pakistan use plant species for the treatment of inflammatory disorders. Plants from the Asteraceae family were used most often. Herbs are the dominant growth.

4. Minimize Air Pollution

Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and reduce air pollution by 87% almost. The more oxygen there is in the air, the better our physical and mental health will be. Through photosynthesis, plants improve the quality of air, which helps us to breathe cleaner air, which has a positive effect on our lungs. Plants eliminate toxins from the air.

5. Utilization in Herbal products

About 6000 medicinal plant species  Pakistan owns, out of which 600 are considered to be more important from a medical point of view. These are generally suggested by local dealers like Hakeem. Medical plant species are commonly used because their side effects are very little, prices are lower and they can be easily accessed. People living in Northern areas rely on medicinal species not only for numerous diseases but also reliant on herbal products for shelter, food, health, and other needs.

6. Reduces noise level

It reduces the noise level. Plant parts like stem, wood, and leaves have the ability to absorb noise.

7. Increases satisfaction level

The presence of a few plants at the working place increases employee’s satisfaction in an office and then increases his/her productivity level.

8. Improve productivity

It enhances our productivity. They make the workplace fresh and attractive which enhances our inspirational level or creativity. A research done by Texas A&M University, plants can enhance creativity by 15% or more.

9. Enhance the beauty

Plants on roads, in parks, societies, gardens, and in homes make the place more beautiful.

10. Availability of useful products

It also supplies many useful products to humans that are used on large scale in their daily routine life like oils, timbers, firewood, medicines, etc.

Work for Mental and Physical Health

  • It improve our mental health, increase feelings of happiness within us and help us to keep our nature calm.
  • It reduces anxiety and depression. The fragrance of flowers also release positive chemicals into the mind and improve our mental condition. The presence of plants at our working place reduces stress levels.
  • It leave a subliminal effect on mind which enhances the feeling of happiness and activeness
  • It aids to reduce the sickness level in humans like fatigue, skin problems, concentration issues, stress and anxiety.

Responsibility of every citizen

It is the responsibility of every citizen to plant plants so that future climate change can be tackled. Teachers of schools and colleges should give plantation awareness to their children.

Cities and villages should have nurseries and staff would be chosen that make people aware of the importance of plantation. People on social media should also be given awareness about climate hazards. Housewives also need to plant indoor and outdoor plants in their homes. They are not only important for humans but also protect animals and birds from environmental pollution. Individuals should understand their responsibility and contribute to the plantation.

But are there enough plants in our country? Do people need more awareness so that they can be motivated for plantation? What environmental threats can we have with fewer plants?

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