12 Dangerous Effects of Mobile on Children

Effects of Mobile

What are the effects of mobile phones on children?

According to the NBC news, teens spend nine hours a day in front of a screen, and children ages 8 to 12 spend six hours approximately.

According to the European Journal of Oncology, the use of mobile phones by children affects their nervous system which can lead to anxiety, blood pressure, tiredness, exhaustion, sleepiness problems.

As the kids have thinker skulls,  their brains can absorb double the radiations than of the adults’ brains.

Mobile affects the mental ability of children. It not only reduces their ability to learn and understand but also creates biological issues within them.

Here are some of the dangers effects of mobile phones to children:

  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Effect on eyes
  • Effect on physiology
  • Psychological effects
  • More harmful while traveling
  • Less physical activity
  • Less creative
  • Inappropriate information


The effect of mobile phone disrupts children’s brain activation. It stimulates neonatal malignant tumors. The protective lining of the children’s body organs absorbs almost 60% of the rays emitted from these mobile phones, which are very harmful to the body, especially for the brain.


Rays from a mobile phone can affect the nervous system, and these effects can be more pronounced in children than in adults. Radiations emitting from a mobile phone can cause cancer.

Effects on eyes:

The rays emitted from the mobile phone can affect the eye site of the child. Especially the blue light that comes out can be deadly to the eyes. Using a mobile phone in the dark can cause more damage to the eyes.

Effects on physiology:

Using a mobile phone while lying down or bending over can negatively affect their body’s blood circulation, and they may complain of neck or shoulder pain.

Psychological effects:

Effects of mobile phone make the child screen-addicted that is some sort of mental illness. When the mobiles are taken back from the children, they express anger. They show behavioral issues. They like to be apart. They do not mix up with other children.

More harmful while traveling:

When mobile phone is used during traveling, it emits more radiations and becomes more harmful.

Less physical activity:

More use of mobile phone tends to be lower physical activity that leads to be low physical fitness.

Less Creative:

Screen World reduces children’s creativity. They watch the same thing again and again which affects their creativity. Children search the internet for required material rather than exploring books.

Inappropriate information:

Unethical information can be transferred from one person to another through messages and images.

Life style disorder:

Mobile phones can cause sleeping problems in children, which can have a detrimental effect on a child’s overall growth.

Effects on personality:

The same things develop in a child’s personality that they see and hear others do in their surroundings. the things they see in the cartoon, they try to apply them in their real life. And when they are stopped from doing this, they get annoyed.

Online game addiction:

Because of online game addiction, children either reduce or give up meeting friends.it affects their social life.

How can children be protected from effects of mobile phone?

  • Spend time with your children. Play with your kids, spend time with them, have fun outside. Encourage your children to participate in school sports activities.
  •  Engage children in different activities like cooking, shopping, gardening, etc.
  • Get children into the habit of reading books and taking general knowledge.
  • Develop an understanding in children about how harmful mobile phones are for them
  • Do not give mobiles to children while feeding or teaching
  • Parents should reduce their own mobile usage first. The children do what they see in their surroundings. Therefore, the parents should first reduce their mobile usage and then give the child a better understanding of its harmful effects.
  • Give children a maximum of one hour of screen time a day.

Of course, mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and their use will increase in the future but due to its disadvantages, its use has a devastating effect on our lives (especially for kids and pregnant women).

Radiations of cell phones are more dangerous for the kids as they can cause DNA breakage, genetic damage, and cancer. However, It is harmful to people of all ages.

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