Are You Sincere? 5 Things You Must Know About Sincerity


Sincerity is the name of honesty, truthfulness, devotion, and dedication in which a man strives to achieve something. Sincerity is a condition that strikes a person when he truly loves something with integrity and truthfulness.   There are many definitions of sincerity. Words like hearty, passionate, responsive, warmhearted, and true heartedness are also used for sincerity.

Sincerity reflects our point of view, our actions, our habits, and our attitudes toward others.

The word sincerity is derived from the word “اخلاص”. Sincerity and purity are intertwined. Sincerity shows the purity within us. How pure we are with others depends on our sincerity.

1. Judging Your Intentions And Sincerity

Sincerity is related to intention. It is very difficult to judge the sincerity of someone else. Sincerity is attached to our intention and only Allah knows the intention. We just have to look inside ourselves and try to raise our sincerity.

It is important to understand that if we do something good to someone, what are our own intentions? What about our level of sincerity? Do we have the spirit of nobility and honesty in our hearts? Is there any sincerity in our intention or isn’t there any interest in it? Or maybe one of our actions is hurting the other.

2. Don’t be Judgmental:

The man should not be judgmental. Do not doubt sincerity instantly. Sometimes we reach the conclusion immediately and begin to doubt the sincerity of others. People with a hasty and emotional nature often misunderstand the sincerity of the people.

3. Only Allah knows the Intention

He knows best what is hidden in the heart of man. Only He understands what is going on in our minds. It is not man’s job to try to understand the intentions of others.

For example, if someone does not give us time or a quick response to any of our issues, we begin to doubt his intentions. Sometimes it may be that he is busy or has some problems but his intentions and thinking are sincere for us and maybe that person is a good thinker for us.

But because of our instincts, we tend to think negatively about it. That is why it is said that man should not be judgmental. It is Allah’s job to judge the intentions. The only thing a person needs to do is to sincerely ask about the suffering of others and to help others as much as possible by understanding their problems and to support them.

We struggle for the religion and the world, but the sincerity of our struggle for the world is, not for religion.

We strive for what we want to achieve. The dedication, hard work, and passion with which we work to achieve what we want and get that thing, actually our sincerity is hidden in this hard work, dedication, and effort, based on which we reach our destination.but is this sincerity included in our efforts even when we do something to follow the religion?

We pray, but does our prayer have the same devotion that we have when we want to achieve a goal in this world. The answer is no. We lack sincerity in our hearts to follow a religion.

Action and intention may differ: sometimes a person’s intention is correct, but his act is such that his true intention is not tested. Only Allah, the Exalted, knows whose intention is right or wrong. Man does not have the right to question the intentions of others, nor he has the capacity to do so. But unfortunately, we are not doing what we should do. And by doing that which is entrusted to Allah, we create in our minds a great deal of misunderstanding.

4. The reward of goodness

Sometimes it happens that we are not receiving the reward of our good deeds in the world. One of the reasons for this may be the lack of sincerity in us because the reward for the good deeds of a person is not only given to him in the hereafter but is also given to him in this world. Sometimes sincerity is lacking in our hard work and effort and we get so little that we don’t feel it. And sometimes our sincerity in our efforts and intentions is so full that Allah makes us infinite in return.

5. Virtues do not go unnoticed

One of the extreme aspects of Allah’s love for humanity is that Allah never exalts the good deeds done sincerely. Even if there is a disbeliever, he is also rewarded in this world for his good deeds.

If a person’s intentions are clear and he does something for someone with his heart and soul, then whether the other person appreciates him or not, Allah bless him infinite.

We should not make expectations from people but trust in Allah for everything, put your hope in Allah. He is the best giver for every good deed. After doing good deeds with good intentions, we should not think that we have not received any benefit from these good deeds. The reward for good deeds is not only in this world but for a Muslim it is also in the Hereafter.

Following the religion, we should do everything with sincerity of intention. Sincerity is essential in all matters of life like relationships, friendship, love, business, and job. All these affairs should be conducted faithfully and with loyalty. Loyalty is also a part of sincerity. Do You Want To Optimize Your Time? 5 Things Should Work On It

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