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RUHMAH LIFE is here to support people who’re fighting against anxiety and depression. The youth is the asset of any nation, which the eyes of the whole nation are focused on. These mental disorders increase the suicide rate among youth. Our aim is to raise awareness about mental health in the young generation. Our articles empower young lives as well as motivate them to adopt positive behaviors. We also recommend a variety of exercises that can help relieve depression as well. We hope that our articles contain solutions to all the issues that people with depression want to get rid of.

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Marriage Life – 5 Secrets of Happy Couples

In the relationship of marriage(husband and wife), Allah has made the most important and big relation in all relationships. This relationship promotes emotions such as love, care affection, and happiness. This relationship is based...

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What is a book? 4 Awesome Benefits

A book is a collection of emotions and feelings, events, and experiences of humans. Humans express these feelings verbally to others or express them in writing. And when thoughts and experiences are put together...