How To Control Anger? 5+ Effective Solutions


Why does the anger come? What to do in anger? How can anger be channelized?

Man can never make the right decisions in an emotional state. Decisions made in the condition of anger and grief can lead to regret later. When a person is in a state of anger, he makes decisions based on his emotions. He does not do it with his intellect and therefore his decision may prove to be wrong later.

Anger can destroy a person’s future. So it is very important to understand what to do in it and how can we channelize it.

There are moments in our lives when things are not going our way. When something is happening in front of us that we don’t like, when we have less endurance, and when we have no control over anyone, when an aspect of our personality is suppressed, we get angry.

There can be many reasons for it and may vary from person to person. Everyone gets angry at different things. Some people may get angry at one thing and some people may express less it, at the same thing.

We should consider at what point we are most angry.

How angry do we get and how do we react?

It is important to avoid those moments where we know we will be angry. Try to stay away from such circumstances. Avoid such situations and discussions where we know we may angry, don’t talk about topics that have a fight and debate peacefully,

The second important point is not to get angry with anyone else without no reason means if you are angry and by talking someone you may transfer all your anger to him, then do not meet or receive the call from that person.

Try not to meet the person you are angry with or if he is in front of you, try to change the situation, start a funny topic, change your place or disclose the meeting.

It is very important to analyze your anger. But we can do this only when we ourselves come out of the state of it. Then think about

  • Whether it was appropriate for you to be angry?
  • What made you angry?
  • How much did you anger?
  • How did you react to this state?

Keep all these things in mind and if you realize that you have done something wrong, then you must take steps to apologize. This step will definitely help you to calm down your anger next time.

One another way to reduce your anger is to write it down and to work on it. Then you will realize why you were angry. Was there a reason to get angry or not? This can turn your anger into laughter.

When it comes to anger, try to calm it down before it gets too much, understand yourself and be able to control your anger.

Anger can become productive if it is properly channelized. Because in anger a person can do things that he would not normally do. though anger is a destructive feather of human character yet it can be used as a motivational/determination tool in rare cases.

When you are angry, try to change your position.for example if you are sitting, lie down, and if standing then sit down. Find an engagement. When a person is angry, a structure is formed in the mind and when we change our position, our posture and gesture, that structure, or pattern changes.

If you are having a discussion with someone and you are annoyed by their argumentation, or you do not like the discussion, first give yourself alarms and try to close the discussion, or if it is not possible then alert the other that you are getting annoyed.

It is also important to mention that if one is annoyed, the other should not be angry in response. Rather, he should show patience. Because the anger of the two will make the situation worse, then the anger between the two will increase, not decrease.

Do not involve in discussions with stubborn people, they cause anger.

There are also many people who consider their anger as a sign of pride. The Proud to be angry. they like to get angry but we should never like anger, don’t accept it. When you don’t like it, you can learn how to channelize it.

One of the tricks to reduce anger is when you are angry,rub the dust on your face and remember yourself that one day you too have to become like this.

 If you are in a state of anger, drink water quickly. Drinking water reduces the intensity of anger. Drinking water normalizes the anger hormones and reduces its effect.

Hold your breath for a moment while angry. Holding your breath for a while can reduce your anger. Repeat this practice over and over again.

A man should not suppress his emotions. Rather think about how he can give them a direction and can utilize them properly.

Anger is an emotion. Suppressing it can damage a person’s personality from within or it can lead to a disease like anxiety or depression. suppressing anger can make a person internally weak. He shows himself to be a strong man, but this strength can weaken him from within.

Therefore, it is very important to learn that instead of suppressing anger, it should be channelized so that a person can make decisions in his life based on his intellect and not on his emotions. Do You Want To Optimize Your Time? 5 Things Should Work On It.

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