My mother – 6 Important Qualities


The most important and loving relationship in the world is the mother’s relationship. The relationship that accompanies every difficult time and which is the support in every trouble. A relationship that feels every pain and removes every loneliness. A relationship of love, affection, compassion, and feeling.

A relationship that has no alternate and whose love has no end. The relationship that soothes the heart. A relationship that only wants to give and takes nothing in return. This relationship is only a Mother’s relationship.

Mother is Allah’s blessing

She is a great blessing of Allah. When I am fed up with the bitterness of the world, when the journey of life seems difficult to me, then I spend some time with my mom for relaxing.

Feel her presence and in this way, I have the power to move forward. My mom inspires hope in me. Encourages me to move on.

Mother is my protector

My mom is like the one who protects me at all times. She sacrifices all her happiness for me. My mom is with me every step of the way.

Mother is the splendor of the home

Mother is the fragrance. Mother is the peace of home. I share all my secrets with my mom.

Laboo pe uske kabi Bud- Dua ni hoti

Bas ik Maa hai jo kabi khafa ni hoti

mother’s love towards me

My mom is sympathetic to me. She is the cool air that cools the heart. The peace of my heart is my mom.

I can share every sorrow of my life with my mom and she does her best to alleviate this pain from my life.

She hears the sound of my heart without saying anything. if I am happy, she is happy too and if I am sad then she is sad too.

Mother is a gift of Allah

She is such a great gift of Allah who wants to fulfill every wish of her children. She wants her child to have everything she deserves. She stands with her children step by step.

Love to your mother

There is no better prayer than my mom. She is the one who forgives our every mistake. No one can take her’s place. The loss of a mother is an irreparable loss.

She needs love and respect from their children. She takes care of her children, meets their needs. She sacrifices her happiness for this.

Give value to your parents


The love, the trust, the feeling that the mother gives to their children, no one else can.

We should give value to our parents. Take great care of them. Be the support of their old age.

We can never repay the kindness of our parents. By pleasing our parents we can achieve success both in this world and in the hereafter.

Did we ever hurt our parents unknowingly or utter words that do not suit them? If yes, then think about it very seriously.

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