Pakistan Development 6 Top Essential Factors

pakistan development

Pakistan development depends on the development of its villages. About 63 percent of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas according to the World Bank collection of development indicators. These people are pure and simple at heart.

These people enjoy the tiny pleasures of life. They do not complain and keep calm and content in every situation.

Pakistan Development Depends On The Livestock and Dairy Industry

Most of the villagers live by raising animals including cattle and goats. The rearing of livestock incorporates a significant part of Pakistan’s gross domestic product. In Pakistan, livestock plays an important role and grew at a rate of 4% in 2018-2019, accounting for about 60.5% of agriculture value-added and 11.2% of Gross Domestic Product.

This sector is a source of income for over 8 million rural families. The role of livestock can be determined from the fact that about 35 million people are engaged in raising 2 to 3 cattle/buffaloes and 5 to 6 sheep/goats in their backyards and are obtaining 20 to 25 percent income from it.

In addition, dairy farmers must be encouraged to set up dairy farms to meet the growing requirements of dairy products at reasonable prices. The dairy sector has been owned and directed by the private sector.

Throughout the past two decades, new enterprises have been started. These endeavors have resulted in expansions of herds, milk collection, the supply of dairy inputs, farmers’ understandings, etc. Although the dairy sector is performing fairly well there is still a long way to go. 

Milk Production

The higher growth in the livestock sector was mainly ascribed to milk production. Pakistan is the 4th largest milk-producing country in the world. Roughly 80% of milk is produced on a small scale in rural regions. The share of livestock in agriculture growth jumped from 25.3 percent in 1996 to 49.6 percent in 2006.

Within the livestock sector, milk is the largest product. Milk is of great importance especially in the diet of women and children. According to estimates, about 90 percent of the dairy sector comprises loose milk that is a source of many diseases because of the unhygienic housing systems at dairy farms, transportation, and water adulteration.

Rather than loose milk, there are reliable alternatives within easy reach in the markets in the form of UHT milk. There is a dire need for creating understanding among people to make healthy food choices. The government should educate dairy farmers to take up safe milk practices e.g. supply of high-quality fodder, ensuring animal health, grown animal productivity, clean milking procedures etcetera.

Also, agriculture is the main source of living not only for the villagers but for the majority of Pakistanis.

Pakistan Development Depends On Agriculture

Agriculture is the main economic enterprise among the people. The agriculture sector has played a significant role in the reduction of rural poverty. Agricultural development is essential to reduce poverty in any country.

As Pakistan is an agricultural country so only agriculture can change the destiny of Pakistan. But there is a need to address the water issue on a priority basis. The farmer works hard all year round, grows the crops but due to lack of water, his whole crop is destroyed.

And he can’t support his family properly. We must make such strategies that could help the farmers to raise their families properly. We eat to our fill but with whose hard work we eat, they must also meet the needs of their lives appropriately. The better the crop, the better for the farmers as well as the country. 

Poverty Is A Barrier To Pakistan Development

Poverty is a serious problem in rural life. Poverty has remained Pakistan’s legacy and is deeply rooted. The country’s poverty plight is largely concentrated in more than 45,000 villages. Many villagers live below the maintenance level where social services are insufficient.

Poverty is a towering obstacle in the way of the development of any country. Security, harmony, and the future of this country rely on its villages. Pakistan’s economic growth depends on its rural development.

Poor Education System, Also A Barrier To Pakistan Development

Education plays an important role in Pakistan development. But if the educational system is poor, how could a country grow? Illiteracy is the mother of all evils.

Poor education leaves huge damage to its economic situation. Youth is an asset to any nation but if the young people are illiterate then how can a nation move forward? Without education, the youth cannot lead the nation to success.

There is almost no education system in the rural areas of Pakistan. Unfortunately, many developing countries like Pakistan are unable to provide better educational opportunities to all the people especially in villages and backward areas.

Many children are out of school in villages and most of them are willing to get admitted in schools but there are no schools in their areas. Even if there are schools, they do not have basic facilities. Schools in rural areas lack qualified teachers, suitable and durable furniture, proper sanitation, and many other amenities that are required to run an institution accurately.

Inequity between the quality of education in rural and urban schools remains an unresolved challenge.

Conclusively, they have to go to cities to get an education. But not everyone can afford to go to big areas and they are stuck in a whirlpool of illiteracy for the rest of their lives. There are great disparities in terms of education among cities and villages.

If we compare the literacy rate of cities with the rural so we can see a clear difference. This difference is not limited to just areas but is also seen in genders. The girls are out of school more than the boys according to the Pakistan data portal.

According to the economic survey, the literacy rate is higher in urban areas with 74 percent as compared to the rural areas with 51 percent. The survey was conducted by the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement during 2018-2019.

The major cause of illiteracy in rural areas is a lack of awareness. People do not understand the importance of education, especially for girls. They don’t like girls leaving home and getting an education. 50 percent of our population is women. Pakistan development depends on women, women come forward and contribute to its development.

How to Eliminate Illiteracy

In this regard, the government has to play its role, but at the same time, the rural people who are well-to-do and have gained an education also must play their part to improve the education system in their respective areas.

A person who receives higher education realizes its importance. Such people should start this process by educating their family members first if they belong to a backward family and everyone else is illiterate.

They should run campaigns in their areas on their own that could popularize the good education system there. Such policies must be applied that would ban child labor by imposing heavy fines and punishment for employers or whoever forces adolescents to work.

Besides that, there is a need to appoint a supervisory team to keep a check on ghost schools. Educational institutions working in rural areas should be monitored if they are performing well or not. Awareness schemes should be launched.

A commission should be structured to relocate unprofessional and unskilled teachers who have been appointed dishonestly.

If the government and influential people of rural areas try their best, so the problems of the villages can be overcome to a great extent. The people of the villages should also get those comforts and reliefs that the people of cities have.

If we want to see Pakistan development so we all have to work together to make our villages better in every way. Pakistan cannot attain vigorous growth without a boost to its rural and agricultural richness and fertility.

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