Portion control 6 Awesome Tips

portion control

Portion control diet plan has food ideas to help you reach your health objectives, without starving. Portion control means observing the measurement of what you eat.

The diet includes eating from all the food groups and controlling your portions, that is the best and easiest way to stay energetic.

When you take food from all the food groups, you don’t even feel deprived and you get enough energy to make up for the lack of vitamins. It’s not just about what you eat but how much you eat.

6 Awesome Tips on Portion Control

How to burn calories

Portion control is one of those ways that you can start eating a little less but still enjoy the food you love. The most important thing for weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume.

Eating smaller portions can help minimize the consumption of calories. But if your calorie intake is higher than your body demands, your body will store those calories as fats and you gain weight.

Following a healthy and balanced diet burns more calories than you consume. This is how you lose weight.

If we eat at a lack of calories, it means we eat less than our body demands to perform daily tasks. This way we can use the fat stored in our body for energy, which leads to weight loss.

Some of the portion control tools

For the measurement, measuring cups can be useful, but the best way to get precise measures is to use a digital food scale because measurement of portion sizes is necessary to record the calorie intake. Besides that, you may purchase portion control glasses, dishes, and serving spoons as well.

Spoons are used to calculate very small volumes, also used to separate solids from liquids. You may also buy dinnerware with separate sections for proteins, carbs, and vegetables. Meal prep containers can also be beneficial to portion control your meal.

Meal prep Containers

Portion control containers are basically sized to measure and control the amount of food you eat. There is a great collection of containers for each food group, from plastic to multiple-piece sets. You can plan your meals in advance with the help of these containers.

It’s a great way to portion out your food. This is helpful for those who don’t have a lot of time to prep for a week. People store food in containers and freeze it. All they have to do is heat it up when needed.

Spending just an hour or two on the weekends, cutting up your vegetables and fruits, and putting them in an individual container can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Portioning of foods to balance your macros

All four elements including proteins, carbs, veggies, and fats should be a part of a healthy balanced meal to keep you full and well-fed for a couple of hours.

Vegetables are always a good idea, so must include them in your diet. Not only do they contain valuable nutrients but they also satisfy your appetite. Vegetables and greens don’t have a large number of calories, which allows you to better portion out your carbs and proteins.

A proper weight loss diet should include whole meals, grains, vegetables, and proteins. A portion control diet allows you to eat from all the food groups, in the appropriate portions, without being hungry or overweight.

It’s very important to follow portion control to make sure we’re eating what our body demands. Generally, using your hand is the best way to have portion sizes of all of the important elements on your plate.

Bigger people usually have bigger hands and shorter people have smaller hands, so it’s important to consider your body size.

How to follow the measurement of hand

You can add high-protein foods such as meat, fish, beans, or bread to your diet depending on the size of your palm. When it comes to protein for women, it requires one palm-size of protein and for men, it’s going to be double.

If you want to make butter with bread, take it according to your thumb size, one thumb size for women and two thumbs size for men. You’ve to use oil according to your fingertip but try to use coconut or virgin olive oil. If you want to include vegetables or salads in your diet, first join both your hands and put all the vegetables in your hands.

Make a bowl of these vegetables and add them to your lunch, usually a fist-sized serving for females and two fist-sized servings for males.

Portion control plan for a whole day

Pre-breakfast and breakfast

Excessive sweating in summer causes dehydration. It is important to stay hydrated. Water is a natural compound that controls appetite, also helps you burn more calories. So must take 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

You can make lemonade or chia seed before having breakfast. Be sure to add fruits, dairy products, brown bread, and fibers to your breakfast. High proteins and high fibers food help you replenish, lessen cravings, and help you feel contented with smaller portions of food.

In this way, they eliminate the frequent cravings for junk food.


Must use vegetables in lunch, especially green leafy vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories so you can eat them in large quantities. Besides that, they also contain lots of fibers and water that keep you fill and fresh.

Put all the vegetables in a bowl and sprinkle virgin olive oil on them. If you want to add chicken to vegetables, try using either grilled or steam chicken. Avoid adding chicken in other forms like a deep fry.


Avoid bread and carbs for dinner, instead, take oatmeal or you can add quinoa to vegetables which are high-protein and high-fiber food. Thus you can prepare a meal for dinner.

Occasional snacks aren’t dangerous when you’re trying to lose weight. But try to choose healthy snacks in small portions. Snacks lower cravings and lessen total calorie intake. Snacks rich in fiber and protein are ideal. But keep snack consumption as low as possible.

But keep in mind that whatever you eat should be taken on a smaller plate with a smaller spoon. Also, your serving size should be according to your hand.

Weight gain usually begins with eating large portions. To lose weight and gain a healthy weight, you must eat an accurate portion of food. Portion control is a simple and best way to get all the nutrients in a limited amount and control weight easily.

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