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Faith and belief in God go hand in hand. If faith is strong then belief in God will be strong and when faith begins to weaken, so does belief in him.

The more a person trusts in him, the stronger he/she becomes from within and becomes a true believer. When trust in God becomes stronger, human thinks that no difficulty or trouble can harm me, that my creator is with me, who is watching me and who is my protector, and with this belief in Lord, he/she becomes so strong that he/she can cope easily with every difficulty and trouble.

We can learn this faith and belief from the Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) which is the best practical example for us.

Belief in God is a blessing:

When this belief of man or woman is strong that his/her creator is the most merciful, the most gracious then he/she can see the blessings and comforts that his/her Lord has bestowed him/her and how many ways and means has Lord opened for him/her.

And then he/she realizes that he/she has reached the point where only Lord has reached him. He/she was not entitled to all this, but Lord has opened the doors of his mercy for him/her.

Belief in God leads to the reckoning:

We are sure that this universe is run by Lord but do not think that he sees and protects our every action. If a man/woman accepts that what he does, he/she is being received in one form or another in this world and in the hereafter, then he/she can improve his/her deeds.

Belief in God leads to humanity:

Our creator, the Lord of Glory, knows our every word and deed. If we make things easier for others, Lord will make things easier for us. If we honor others, Lord will honor us. Share what you want to get and then ask Lord and He will give you more than that.

Belief in God leads to good time:

Human nature is fast and emotional. If he/she does a good deed, he/she wants its reward quickly. And when he/she doesn’t get it right away, his/her faith weakens. Sometimes our creator puts us to the test or does not give us a reward at the same time because he wants to give us better than before and we become hopeless and hopelessness is a sin.

Belief in God leads to a better future:

We do not have faith in our creator. We say that we have complete trust in Lord but we do not act on that trust.
A person who starts accumulating wealth out of fear of the future and starts collecting things to secure its future so means that he/she does not have true trust in the Lord.

Tawakal means that one should have little faith in whatever one tries and has more faith in the Lord that he will give him whatever he wants on basis of his efforts.

Man’s own hard work:

I want to clear this point here that some people think that in order to rely on Lord, one should sit at home. And leave everything to him, who will give it all.

People with such a mindset do not struggle or fulfill their responsibilities. Man must live his life in a systematic way. Make planning and strategies and then work hard according to these planning and strategies. And then leave the results to Lord, who will surely reward him for his efforts.

Every creature in the universe works hard before it can achieve anything whether he is a human, an insect, or a bird. If our creator wills, He can give without hard work but Lord has commanded man to do his best but don’t worry about your resources or power and then be satisfied that Lord is the only giver, if he wants to, he will succeed.

Our creator has made the whole system of the universe in a systematic way. There is a logic behind everything. This is how the life of the prophet (P.B.B.U) tells us how he planned and made strategies at different stages in life.

Trusting in God makes life easier:

Man can tell his problem that my Lord is the one who has put this problem on me or can make this problem easier by praying to Lord. Doing so gives a person a sense of well-being, not depression. He sees the miracles of Allah every moment.

When a person convinced his mind that my God is enough for me then he is never hopeless, He does not have to reach out to anyone, doesn’t have to ask anyone, doesn’t set expectations from people.

He only asks God for everything. Illusions and fears come out of his heart. He does not afraid of his future is ruined. He believes in God so much that he fears none but his Lord and in difficult times he bows down only to God.

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