Unemployment and 8 Solutions in Pakistan


Unemployment is a big issue of any country. A country cannot be a developed country until most of its youth is unemployed. Youth is an asset to the nation. Young people can make the country successful by using their talents. But when their abilities are wasted, how can a nation become developed?  This issue has increased a lot in Pakistan.  Many people are facing this problem. Here we discuss few aspects that are causing unemployment in Pakistan.

Features causing unemployment:

The major cause of unemployment in Pakistan is overpopulation. The population in Pakistan is growing rapidly. The current population is about 22 crore.  Pakistan ranks fifth in the list of countries by population. Every year a large number of students graduate from universities. After completing their degree they start finding jobs. But the number of candidates is more than the number of posts. Competition is too high and our government is unable to accommodate each candidate. Consequently, many people lose their hope because they cannot find a job.

The other main issue causing unemployment is the lack of knowledge that is required to know the basics of getting jobs. People think getting a degree is enough to get a job they want but it is not so. The degree is important to some extent. Job requirements have changed now. The confidence level, learning attitude, skills, body language of the candidate is also noticed now. But many people are not aware of this and that is why they fail to impress the employer.

According to the Sir Qasim Ali Shah a motivational speaker, there are three types of skills that are needed to get a job:

  1. Hard Skills:  Operating, Sinking, Producing, etc.
  2. Soft Skills:  Speaking, Explaining, Writing, etc
  3. Middle Skills:  How to present yourself, how to walk, how to look, how to dress up etc.

The other major cause that Is very alarming is favoritism. People are getting hired on a recommendation, not on merit. Especially in private sectors such people are preferred whose influence is greater or they have been recommended by an influential person. This is also done to some extent in government sectors. This leads people to commit suicide.

The world has developed a lot. Man has come a long way in the field of technology and science. Job demands have also changed. People who have completed their studies many years ago or those who have done simple study, don’t know the modern requirements. They are often unaware of the use of computers and their complexities. Nowadays most of the work is done with the help of the internet. Simple graduated people or the people with simple Masters’ degrees find difficulty in attaining a job.

Lack of industries in our country is another reason for unemployment. Industries are collapsing day by day. A shortage of electricity causes loss to industries. The reason is the paucity of investment, foreigners are not ready to invest in our country. Last decade the circumstances in our country have been deteriorated due to terrorism. Overseas investors do not want to take the risk of investing in our country.

Allah has blessed Pakistan with many natural resources. But our government is unable to utilize them properly. Atomic power is facing an energy disaster. By using them in a wise manner,   many job opportunities can be generated for the youth.

The high age of retirement is another cause of unemployment. The retirement age is 60 due to which there are no vacancies for the deserving candidates. They have to wait a long to get a job.

Besides that, in our educational institution’s entrepreneurial skills are not taught to the students. These skills can make them unable to turn their capabilities into actions. By learning these skills students can better demonstrate their abilities, creativity, and artistry in the professional field. This is important not only for economic growth or job creation but also for individual well-being. But unfortunately, this matter is not given much value in our institutions.

Lack of decision-making ability in the students is one of the reasons for unemployment in Pakistan. Even after completing the degree, one does not know what to do next. People waste a lot of time thinking about what profession should I choose next?

Being inexperienced in a particular field is also a drawback of the candidate. But the point is when no one will give him a chance, how can he gain experience in that field?

What is the solution?

Until all these issues are not considered, it is impossible to eradicate unemployment from the country. Here are some solutions. By adopting them, unemployment can be eliminated to a great extent.

  • The most important step to be taken in this regard is to control the population. The government should come up with new schemes to overcome this problem. The public should be made more aware in this regard. 
  • The gap between academies and markets should be removed. Professors should impart that knowledge to students which helps them practically. The only focus on teachers and students is to get good marks and GPA. No attention is paid to learning skills or practical wisdom. The researches should be done in the universities on what is needed in the market and industries. Students should also get into the habit of reading and learning skills. HR persons should establish well-recognized training centers or such platforms for students where they are taught skills that are required to fulfill the demands of industries.
  • Our education system should be improved and updated. The world has developed a lot. We have to learn new capabilities, new skills to keep up with the world. We have to make ourselves well updated. Our learning process should not be limited to sixteen classes. This process should continue throughout life.
  • Bias behavior should be abolished now. We have to raise our voice against favoritism. People must be given jobs on a merit basis, not on safarish.
  • Industrial growth is necessary for the purpose of getting unemployment to be ended. Investors should be given conveniences so that they invest more in Pakistan and industries continue to thrive.
  • The government should consider eliminating the energy crisis. Also, the agricultural structure should be expanded.
  • Consulting centers should be established where students are guided properly about their future plans.
  • Establishing your own business should be appreciated. So that people become job givers instead of job hunters.

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