What is a book? 4 Awesome Benefits

what is a book

A book is a collection of emotions and feelings, events, and experiences of humans. Humans express these feelings verbally to others or express them in writing. And when thoughts and experiences are put together in a written form to be conveyed to others so it becomes a book.

Book is a Source of knowledge

These are the best way to share one’s loneliness. Rather, it is better to say that books are man’s friend. Some are informative, some are instructive. Such as books on the lives of great scholars, saints, and religious leaders.

After reading them we become aware of many things that we were unaware of or deliberately ignored. The stories of the lives of the false claimants to be gods whose lives are a sign of admonition for all the generations to come.

The present age is the age of narcissism. Everyone is trying to get ahead of each other. No one has enough time to sit and listen to other people’s speeches and ideas.

If someone makes it a habit to read social, scientific, and informative books at night after all day’s work, so he’ll know many instructive things which he was totally ignorant of.

best book is The Quran

By reading Islamic books we become aware of Islam and all its details. And the first book that comes to mind in this regard is the blessed book, the Holy Quran. About which Allah has decreed:

No doubt, We have revealed this Quran, and We will most surely be its Guardian.

Surah Al-Hijr

First of all, make it a habit to recite the Quran daily along with the translation. Believe that the shadows of silence, boredom, and fear in your heart and mind will go away as if they were never in your life.

New energy, calm, and peace of mind & soul will be absorbed in you. You will be refreshed and fearless to participate in the cycle of life.

The Quran brings man out of the pit of delusion and leads him to the right path as directed by Allah Almighty and man prospers. The Quran was revealed upon Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came as a mercy not only for Muslims but for all mankind. The Quran confirms all the heavenly books that were revealed to the earlier prophets.

If it is made a habit to recite the Quran with translation, then every strayed person will come to the right path and the darkness of ignorance and misguidance will disappear from the world.

A book way to get rid of mental turmoil

Also, many scientific books are about great scientists and their inventions. After reading these, everyone becomes aware of the mental faculties of these scientists.

There are also books that help us to understand how business, social, economic, and political conditions are going all over the world.

Many people love to write biographies. Such people describe in a book all the experiences they have been coping with. And readers learn a lot from them and become cautious about their coming life.

If a person befriends it and takes some time out of his fast-paced life for reading so he gets the escape from all the thoughts and mental turmoil that are imposed on his life, both consciously or unconsciously.

When read book? A part of routine

I am amazed at the people who get caught up in the cycle of making money but can’t find time to study.

If a person starts his day by reciting the holy Quran and before going to bed at night, if he reads any good book for half an hour despite all the fatigue, he will forget his mental and physical exhaustion and sleeps peacefully. Because a relaxed mind is essential for good sleep.

Means to eliminate uniformity from life

There have been many great poets whose works confer new energy and spirit into dead hearts. Their collections of poetry are enchanting and heart-touching. The affairs of life coexist with human life and there is a sense of disgust with this uniformity.

In such cases, it is better to make it a habit to pay the rights of Allah as well as to read the religious and informative books which not only keep us informed in this world but also guide us to be successful in the hereafter.

So be a friend of it. Don’t make the books dusty as mere showcase ornaments but keep yourself informed of the world and the Hereafter by reading them.

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